What Budget 2017 spending promises look like when adjusted for inflation and population growth; Defence, education, health, welfare and law & order to fall; Super costs to rise through 2021

26 May 17 - For all that talk of winners in this year's Budget, a deep dive into the numbers coupled with fundamental economic analysis paints a different picture. Those wanting to dig a bit further into the Budget numbers, here are some tools to see how 2017’s numbers compared to previous years, and what levels of spending we’re set to see over the next four.

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Budget 2017: More incentives for middle-class taxpayers needed

26 May 17 - NZ Herald: With the Government in a position of surplus it would be good to see some incentives introduced in this year's Budget, beyond the social investment being targeted in the announcements made to date, says local financial adviser Nick Stewart.

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Get Sorted: Why KiwiSaver balances go up... and down

17 May 17 - New Zealand Herald: Quick question: what's the difference between a savings account and a KiwiSaver account? Short answer: when you put money in, the first always goes up, but the other goes up and down. That's no small thing. ​​​​​​​

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KiwiSaver hits $40b, but balances stay low

17 May 17 - New Zealand Herald: Strong investment growth has boosted the value of KiwiSaver to over $40 billion but individual balances remain low for many despite the scheme running for nearly 10 years. Figures from Australian research firm Strategic Insight show total KiwiSaver funds hit $40.651 billion at the end of March, up from $38.416b as of December 31.

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FMA: KiwiSaver trial to target decision-making a decade out from retirement

11 May 17 - Financial Markets Authority: The FMA is working with ANZ to see if behavioural insights can prompt more ANZ KiwiSaver members to get retirement advice, or use retirement-planning tools when they hit 56 years old.

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One in three Kiwis have no money plan for retirement

Fisher fades as Mercer mounts late retail run in 2016

Growing divide in risk profile hits KiwiSaver returns, MJW survey

Simplicity cuts global credit on ESG concerns

FMA launches consultation on KiwiSaver fees methodology

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