Growing the KiwiSaver Pie

12 Sep 17 - Financial Services Council : Growing the KiwiSaver Pie A sustainable income policy is critical for New Zealand. As the voice of the financial services industry, and recognising that it has now been ten years since KiwiSaver was launched, we commissioned this research to find out what New Zealanders want from government and the industry.

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Many KiwiSaver members don't understand how credits work

12 Sep 17 - Stuff : Each year the Government offers free money. But some people still don't know what it is or how to claim it. A member tax credit (MTC) of $521 is available to all KiwiSaver members, aged 18 to 65,  who contribute at least $1042 into their accounts each financial year. They do not have to do anything else to claim it – KiwiSaver providers handle the process of getting the money into their accounts.

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Labour, National agree on KiwiSaver freedom

12 Sep 17 - Investment News New Zealand : Labour, National agree on KiwiSaver freedom: ​​​​​​​KiwiSaver compulsion – soft or otherwise – appears to be off the mainstream agenda in the latest political cycle with both major parties downplaying the prospect of any substantial changes to the savings regime.

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FMA keen to see personalised robo-advice enabled in New Zealand sooner than the law would otherwise allow

21 Jul 17 - By the end of the year, you may be able to plug in information about your financial situation to an approved computer programme, and have personalised advice spouted back out at you. The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) is proposing to use its powers to enable firms to provide personalised robo-advice at least a year before a pending law change is expected to allow this.

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Consumers tell FMA about financial providers’ conduct

21 Jul 17 - Financial Markets Authority: Financial services providers are fair and professional, but have work to do to explain fees and how their products are appropriate, their customers have told the FMA.

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FMA confirms KiwiSaver fees methodology

Mary Holm: Double your money - and then some

KiwiSaver key for Rotorua couples in securing first home

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