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Strong start to 2015 delivering super returns

22 Mar 15 - - Super funds have continued to grow steadily in 2015 on the back of listed share markets, according to superannuation research firm Chant West.

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Retirement regime a step in the right direction

22 Mar 15 - NZ Herald - Carmel Fisher - There's nothing like watching a room full of Australians discuss their complex and ever-changing superannuation regime to make you feel good about your own.
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Crowded KiwiSaver market sparks concern

22 Mar 15 - Good Returns - The number of KiwiSaver providers in the New Zealand market may be unsustainable, the head of one of them says.
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Discover your money profile

22 Mar 15 - Yahoo!NZ - When it comes to money matters, are you Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa or Elvis? Understanding how you spend your money and its role and importance in achieving your dreams can help you work out your financial strengths and possible blind-spots.


Fundamental change to superannuation needed

15 Mar 15 - Sydney Morning Herald - Superannuation industry warnings of the adverse impact of allowing members to access their super to help achieve home ownership show how little the industry cares about their members. For them, the priority is to control other people's money and future while maximising the funds under management and maintaining their own comfortable situation.


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Personal Finance: Tragic tale sparked trauma insurance

22 Mar 15 - - Rob Stock - South African surgeon Marius Barnard went down in history as part of the team, led by his brother Christiaan, which performed the first human heart transplant operation in 1967.


Asteron maintains rating

15 Mar 15 - Good Returns - Asteron Life has maintained its A+ financial strength rating from Standard & Poor’s, signifying its continued strength in the life insurance industry.

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Land legitimate use of first-home funds

22 Mar 15 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - Government helping young buyers aspire beyond dusty do-ups to new houses as long as conditions are met.


Early KiwiSaver start looks well ahead

22 Mar 15 - NZ Herald - Starting kids in scheme ties up money for many years but it is certainly the best way to save for a first home.

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