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Mind the Gap

5 Jun 16 - FSC - How long could you survive without an income? Most people wouldn’t dream of not insuring their house and contents or car. So why should your income be any different?

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Treasury says KiwiSaver members need to become more financially literate

12 Jun 16 - - Treasury warns there are no incentives for KiwiSaver providers to drop their fees. Its research indicates neither fee levels nor fund performances affect New Zealanders’ decision-making when selecting KiwiSaver providers. Rather people are swayed by providers’ reputation, branding, trust and convenience.
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If you are taking financial risks, you should have a safety net ready

8 May 16 - - Life is not meant to be boring. It is for living to the full, making the most of opportunities and taking a few risks along the way. Of course, risk is not for everybody, but it's hard to avoid it completely. Risk takers are people who:
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Should you pay off your mortgage before retiring?

6 Jun 16 - NZ Herald - Survey after survey in the United States indicates that one of the biggest worries in retirement is running out of money.


KiwiSaver cash-up not a cue for spending spree

29 May 16 - NZ Herald - Diana Clement - Cashing up your KiwiSaver - it's what you do with your squillions when you reach 65, isn't it?

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Details of Financial Advice NZ yet to be worked out

12 Jun 16 - Good Returns - It is too soon to say what the structure of a new professional association to represent financial advisers might look like, says IFA president Michael Dowling.


Code changes likely by year's end

29 May 16 - Good Returns - A new code of conduct for authorised financial advisers has been submitted to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for approval and is likely to come into force by the end of the year.

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Most people's income is their biggest asset but too few insure it

12 Jun 16 - - During their working lives, over a quarter of all New Zealanders will suffer a temporary disability resulting in them not being able to work for six months, according to Chatswood Consulting. It's a grim statistic but one we all need to consider. What would life be like for you if you couldn't earn an income?


Show us the infrastructure

29 May 16 -  - Opinion - The Budget showed the Government was still jumping at debt shadows when it needed to be breaking Auckland's housing infrastructure log-jam by borrowing at record-low interest rates

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The Financial Services Council (FSC) represents investment and life insurance companies in New Zealand. It has 21 investment and life insurance members and 18 associate members. 

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