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Young and old agree, New Zealand Superannuation alone won’t fund a comfortable retirement

1 Oct 15 - FSC Media Release - On this International Day of Older Persons we should celebrate what the generations share rather than what divides us and learn from each other says Financial Services Council CEO Peter Neilson. 

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How people care for the aged

1 Oct 15 - Horizon Research - Who helps the over 65s in New Zealand and how. This is an extract from the Horizon Research Financial Future report from August, 2015.
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Martin Hawes: The rules of survival

27 Sep 15 - - I just do not understand the Fonterra redundancies. If 750 people will not be needed next year you have to ask why they were needed last year? What were these 750 people doing that no longer needs to be done?
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'Quirky' pet insurance claims released

4 Oct 15 - NZ Herald - A list of New Zealand's most unusual pet injuries has been released revealing how a cat was trapped in a toilet seat and left dangling for some time while a Birman fell into a pot of paint and had her fur shaved off.


Five tried and true ways to plan for retirement

27 Sep 15 - Sydney Morning Herald - Financially, many working people are not adequately preparing for a comfortable retirement, with 37 per cent of existing retirees around the world admitting they have not planned as well as they should have. So what's going wrong?

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Talk Money with Tony Field

2 Oct 15 - TV3 - New Zealand's creative sector says it generated nearly $4 billion to the New Zealand economy last year.



New KiwiSaver fund for house buyers

20 Sep 15 - Good Returns - This new fund, open to customers from Thursday, extends BNZ's KiwiSaver Scheme fund choices from five to six.

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Baby brings fresh review of insurance plans

4 Oct 15 - StraitsTime - There's nothing quite like the impending appearance of a baby to give you a fresh perspective on your surroundings - and your life.


Agony aunt: Stick with KiwiSaver through market turbulence

27 Sep 15 - - Q. With the latest plunge in world stockmarkets, we have some concerns about our KiwiSaver accounts. We both have growth funds with about $50,000 each.

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