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Inside Money: NZ insurer body to tune in and churn-off with life-changing report

2 Aug 15 - NZ Herald - David Chaplin, editor of financial services industry website Investment News looks at what's happening with the pernicious problem of life insurance 'churn'.

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FSC commissions report on personal insurance sales incentive

24 Jul 15 - FSC - Media Release - The Financial Services Council (FSC) has commissioned consulting actuaries Melville Jessup Weaver (MJW) to investigate sales incentives in the personal insurance industry (life and income protection insurance) and to suggest remedies for any misalignment of incentives between salespeople and their clients.
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FSC launches commission investigation

25 Jul 15 - Good Returns - A “mini-Trowbridge Report” has been commissioned by the Financial Services Council, to investigate sales incentives in New Zealand’s personal insurance industry.
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Six biggest life insurance mistakes Kiwis make

2 Aug 15 - NZ Herald - Do you have life insurance? Unless you're single and don't care what happens to your body and debts when you die, then you probably need some and possibly quite a lot of insurance cover.


The growing wealth gap nobody talks about

2 Aug 15 - NZ Herald - What are your odds of being a millionaire, do you think? One in 10? One in 50? One in 100?

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Do under 35s really need health insurance?

2 Aug 15 - - A Rothbury financial adviser discusses the pros and cons of taking out health insurance when you're young, and suggests a cheaper alternative.


ANZ calls for action on women's savings

1 Aug 15 - Good Returns - ANZ is calling on other employers to do their bit to help women achieve better outcomes through KiwiSaver.

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Retirement myths debunked

2 Aug 15 - - OPINION - When you are working hard to bring up a family it's hard to imagine being retired. Retirement is like another world with a completely different set of issues, opportunities and constraints.


Avoid receiving a million dollar bill

25 Jul 15 - - How might you need to change your insurance cover if you move from a rental house to a rental apartment or townhouse?

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