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KiwiSaver house price pressure

28 Sep 14 - ODT - A year on from the Reserve Bank imposing loan-to-value ratio (LVR) lending restrictions on banks, the banks are well below the 10% threshold at 6.6%.

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Westpac KiwiSavers lose default status

21 Sep 14 - - Westpac has found a magic formula that turns "default" KiwiSavers into "active" ones.
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Inside Money: Regulator puts banks on KiwiSaver switch watch

21 Sep 14 - NZ Herald - The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has officially wagged its finger at banks for switch-hitting on customers.
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Diana Clement: We've taken to KiwiSaver like ducks to water

12 Oct 14 - NZ Herald -With MoneyWeek starting on Monday, what better excuse is there to take control of your KiwiSaver account? Many readers will have stashed tens of thousands of dollars by now, which will have accumulated fairly painlessly - money taken out before you see it is always the easiest to part with.


Fears over KiwiSaver incentives

5 Oct 14 - - KiwiSaver members are being wooed with free insurance and credit card rewards schemes, prompting concern from regulators and other providers.

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Kiwis face financial insecurity

12 Oct 14 - - Only one third of New Zealanders feel financially secure, with one in five struggling to make ends meet, according to a new survey.


Kiwi incomes up $25 a week

5 Oct 14 - NZ Herald - There is something for everyone in the latest annual income figures from Statistics New Zealand.

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Inside Money: Switched on at 7 - KiwiSaver 2014 survey

7 Oct 14 - NZ Herald - Due to technical issues (children), my annual KiwiSaver scheme survey, which collates data from 35 annual reports, failed to beat the official government version of events into print.


KiwiSaver: Top up savings with two schemes

7 Oct 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - People already in an employer-supported superannuation plan can also benefit from joining KiwiSaver.

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