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Fair tax for KiwiSaver funds a key election issue

17 Apr 14 - FSC Media Release - In this election year the parties need to say how they will reduce the unfair over-taxation of KiwiSaver funds that prevents most New Zealand employees from achieving a comfortable retirement.


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$278b - our lost pot of superannuation gold

13 Apr 14 - NZ Herald - Research suggests axed super scheme would have been a bonanza for everyone.New Zealand could have had a superannuation pot of gold worth $278 billion by next year had it kept a compulsory savings scheme set up in 1974, a financial industry body claims.
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KiwiSaver: Big retirement schemes very different

1 Apr 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - But NZ Super and KiwiSaver both have key roles in building up the nation's savings pool for pensions.

Can someone please explain the difference between KiwiSaver and the Government Superannuation Fund? Is KiwiSaver backed by the Government?

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Lack of insurance puts livelihoods at risk

29 Mar 14 - - New Zealanders place more value on their house and car than they do health and family if current insurance trends are anything to go by.


Chart shows who's saving for retirement

21 Mar 14 - -  EDITOR’S NOTE: I started the day on Friday with some interesting data about the relationship between income and retirement savings. I then turned that data into a confusing chart–one that included a typo, to boot. With valuable help from colleagues and readers, I’ve replaced the old chart with two clearer ones. Thanks for your interest and your engagement. — M.H.

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Make KiwiSaver universal: Labour

12 Apr 14 - - Labour is reigniting calls for KiwiSaver to be made universal, after research shows the New Zealand Super Fund could have been worth $278 billion had it not been scrapped in the 1970s.


Super report backs compulsory KiwiSaver, says Cunliffe

12 Apr 14 - TV3 - Labour leader David Cunliffe has labelled the axing of New Zealand's compulsory savings scheme in the 1970s as the "worst economic decision in New Zealand history".


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The case for change: tax and default suggestions from the industry

17 Apr 14 - Presentation at Retirement Policy Research Centre Forum
Retirement Income Policy: The future is now


Consumer Watch: KiwiSaver management fees to shrink

12 Apr 14 - NZ Herald - Are you getting value for money from your KiwiSaver provider? The retirement savings scheme is 7 years old and the average balance for the 2.2 million members across all schemes is just over $8,000.

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