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Trowbridge Report Likely to be an Influence on the Review of the Financial Advisers Act in 2016

29 Mar 15 - FSC Media Release - An Australian report’s proposals to cap up front insurance policy commissions and flatten commission structures are consistent with discussions that have occurred within the New Zealand industry over recent years.

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'No Australian-type scandals here'

29 Mar 15 - - Major Australian banks have been rocked by financial advice scandals. How are their NZ subsidiaries, and NZ regulatory framework, placed to avoid these?
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Crowded KiwiSaver market sparks concern

22 Mar 15 - Good Returns - The number of KiwiSaver providers in the New Zealand market may be unsustainable, the head of one of them says.
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Policy needs to adapt to longer retirement

29 Mar 15 - - The Intergenerational Report has once again stressed the need for Australians to use tools to plan for their retirement as they live longer in retirement, the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) said.


Discover your money profile

22 Mar 15 - Yahoo!NZ - When it comes to money matters, are you Donald Trump, Margaret Thatcher, Mother Teresa or Elvis? Understanding how you spend your money and its role and importance in achieving your dreams can help you work out your financial strengths and possible blind-spots.

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Inside Money: Delisting mystery - FMA sends AFAs offsite

29 Mar 15 - NZ Herald - Aside from more work for lawyers, financial services regulation has introduced a much higher level of transparency to an industry that once hid in the shadows.


Kiwisaver bill helps first home buyers

29 Mar 15 - TV3 - First home buyers will be able to access more of their KiwiSaver funds under a bill that's been passed by parliament.


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Know what to expect from NZ Super

29 Mar 15 - - Today I bring you this year's nicely rounded number of $375. It's a number to etch in our heads, tattoo on our brains, burn into our retinas.


Land legitimate use of first-home funds

22 Mar 15 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - Government helping young buyers aspire beyond dusty do-ups to new houses as long as conditions are met.

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