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End ‘stealth taxes’ on savings

14 Aug 14 - NBR - Most people do not realise they are being overtaxed on their long- term savings through “stealth taxes” and politicians have little incentive to change that situation. The Fair Tax for Savers campaign aims to lift the covers off this.

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Fair tax for savers proposals would broadly pay for itself and boost household incomes by $400 million

2 Aug 14 - FSC Media Release - Expert advice received to date on a package of Fair Tax for Savers Campaign proposals could increase Government tax revenue overall – and deliver a $400 million income boost to savers.
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Consumers complacent about insurance

20 Jul 14 - - People aren't shopping around enough for their house, contents and car insurance - Chris Curtin, chief executive of AA Insurance is pretty clear with that message.
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ANZ launches Oz super transfer service

12 Aug 14 - NZ Herald - Tamsyn Parker - ANZ bank has launched a new service to help Kiwis pool their retirement savings in Australia and bring the money back to their New Zealand KiwiSaver account.


Peters unveils plan to transform KiwiSaver

10 Aug 14 - - New Zealand First says it would extend KiwiSaver to newborns, and will allow people to use their funds for tertiary education of their family.

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Mary Holm: Labour's capital gains tax plan explained, Fair Tax for Savers

16 Aug 14 - NZ Herald - Mary Holm - Fair enough already? Q: I understand the workings of the effective tax rate on KiwiSaver. I don't understand why the Fair Tax for Savers campaign can argue the current system is wrong. Surely the same argument applies to a term deposit?


Campaign to reduce tax on savings

1 Aug 14 - NZ Herald - KiwiSaver on average wage said to be losing $100,000 over 40 years through overtaxation.The Financial Services Council is looking to drum up popular support for a campaign to address what it says is the overtaxation of savings.

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Op-Ed Response Michael Littlewood’s once again wrong assumptions lead to wrong conclusions

21 Aug 14 - Peter Neilson, Convenor, Fair Tax for Savers Campaign | CEO, Financial Services Council (FSC).
Michael Littlewood has suggested that the Fair Tax for Savers Campaign proposals are unfair for everyone except the savings industry (Click here to view - Michael Littlewood: Fair tax for savers? Unfair for everyone else).  This is based on several assumptions:


KiwiSaver: Top up before you hit 65 to get Govt cash

12 Aug 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - Contribution must be made before reaching milestone to get the highest possible payment for that year.

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