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Kiwisaver: Opting in and opting out

8 Feb 16 - NZ Herald - Q: If new staff members do not wish to join KiwiSaver, do I simply pay their PAYE on the IRD form or must I fill in forms advising they don't want to join?

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Key to financial success is a healthy attitude to money

31 Jan 16 - - The start of a new year is a good time to take stock of your financial situation. This is a quick exercise done once a year to add up the value of your assets (house, car, bank deposits, KiwiSaver and other investments) and subtract the value of your debts (mortgage, credit cards, personal loans) will show how much your wealth is increasing from one year to the next.
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Inflation falls to 16-year low

24 Jan 16 - Radio New Zealand - Annual inflation has fallen to its lowest level since late 1999, driven by cheaper food and fuel.
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Research shows we aren't always making insurance claims

8 Feb 16 - - New Zealand’s largest general insurer has revealed research indicating there’s somewhat of a rift between the misfortunes we’re most worried about occurring, and those we end up making insurance claims on.


HSBC trials spending habits app

24 Jan 16 - New Zealand Herald - HSBC has begun trialling a new app that acts like a financial "personal trainer" to help users save money and be more aware of their spending habits.

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British Friendly launches auto acceptance system

8 Feb 16 - FT Adviser - British Friendly has launched a new auto acceptance system for income protection, allowing advisers to receive immediate acceptance when their clients apply online.


Retirement Income policy a month-by-month approach

7 Feb 16 - Good Returns - Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell says getting the public on side is the most important aspect of developing retirement income policy.

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Life insurance for married couples

8 Feb 16 - NerdWallet - When you’re building your life with someone else, the foundation that the two of you are laying may need the protection that life insurance for married couples provides.


Elizabeth Kerr gets personal with her reasons for building a money machine

8 Feb 16 - - People decide to build their money machines for all sorts of different reasons. There is no right or wrong reason.

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