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Money lessons from a super guy

23 Nov 14 - - After a life spent analysing funds, there can be few with more investment savvy in the country than Binu Paul, and few still with a sharper eye for KiwiSaver madness and mistakes, of which there are a lot.

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Mary Holm: Ignore critics and have fun getting old

15 Nov 14 - NZ Herald - ‘Old versus young’ arguments about who’s getting the financial gravy just make everybody angry ... so avoid them.
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Visiting Harvard Professor Bloom urges NZ to raise retirement age

19 Oct 14 - NBR - New Zealand needs to lift its retirement age and take advantage of an adaptable workforce before it gets too late, according to a visiting Harvard University professor.
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KiwiSaver has now been going...

23 Nov 14 - - KiwiSaver has now been going long enough to clearly show that over a long timeframe, more 'risk' can deliver 'better rewards'


Inside Money: NZ Super change to excite local share managers

9 Nov 14 - NZ Herald - A slew of substantial shareholder (SSH) notices hit the NZX this week as the New Zealand Superannuation Fund (NZS) began to take direct control of the almost $260 million in local equities formerly managed on its behalf by AMP Capital.

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MSD signals review of benefit rates, superannuation

16 Nov 14 - NZ Herald - The Ministry of Social Development has signalled a need to "explore options relating to the age of eligibility" for NZ superannuation, and wants a review of benefit rates to tackle child poverty.


How to take interest in your KiwiSaver

9 Nov 14 - - Kiwis are generally early adopters. We'll take up new things if we see they're worth doing.

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KiwiSaver: Any property OK for first-home withdrawal

23 Nov 14 - NZ Herald - Home buyers heeding the Prime Minister’s advice to consider an apartment can qualify to use KiwiSaver funds.


KiwiSaver knowledge sorely lacking

16 Nov 14 - - Tragically, it seems many New Zealanders are badly informed about KiwiSaver, so it is worth rehearsing the 10 basic product features of a scheme that even those enrolled in it, fail to grasp.

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