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Budget breakdown: What you need to know

29 May 16 - RNZ - Finance Minister Bill English has revealed this year's Budget. Here's what you need to know - at a glance.

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How much life insurance is enough?

15 May 16 - - Janine Starks explores the upsides and downsides of risk management and insuring for the what if scenarios.
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If you are taking financial risks, you should have a safety net ready

8 May 16 - - Life is not meant to be boring. It is for living to the full, making the most of opportunities and taking a few risks along the way. Of course, risk is not for everybody, but it's hard to avoid it completely. Risk takers are people who:
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KiwiSaver cash-up not a cue for spending spree

29 May 16 - NZ Herald - Diana Clement - Cashing up your KiwiSaver - it's what you do with your squillions when you reach 65, isn't it?


Research shows fewer New Zealanders sticking to a budget

22 May 16 - - Kiwis are being warned not to get complacent about their finances just because interest rates are low.

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Code changes likely by year's end

29 May 16 - Good Returns - A new code of conduct for authorised financial advisers has been submitted to the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for approval and is likely to come into force by the end of the year.


No room for complacency on digital disruption

21 May 16 - Good Returns - Fund managers and financial advice firms that think they can rely on clients’ desire for human interaction to insulate them from digital disruption may be in for a shock, a new report says.

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Show us the infrastructure

29 May 16 -  - Opinion - The Budget showed the Government was still jumping at debt shadows when it needed to be breaking Auckland's housing infrastructure log-jam by borrowing at record-low interest rates


FMA warns - don't treat KiwiSavers as 'cash cows'

22 May 16 - NZ Herald - The head of New Zealand's investment regulator has fired a warning shot at KiwiSaver providers urging them to be more proactive in engaging with their members.

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