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Startup aims to make managing KiwiSaver easy

18 Oct 14 - TV3 - SavvyKiwi is an independent service which helps people select the KiwiSaver fund best suited to them.

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KiwiSaver: Employer contribution confusion

14 Oct 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - If your contract specifies a total remuneration figure, your boss’ input to super scheme will come out of your pay.
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Kiwisaver whoopsie

19 Oct 14 - - Govenment officials left red-faced over a drafting gaffe in the KiwiSaver legislation are scrambling to close a loophole which allows savers to use their retirement savings to buy a first home in Australia.
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Kiwisaver helps second first-home buyers

26 Oct 14 - - Slightly fewer than 3600 "second-chancers" who fell off the property ladder have climbed back on using withdrawals from KiwiSaver.


Diana Clement: We've taken to KiwiSaver like ducks to water

12 Oct 14 - NZ Herald -With MoneyWeek starting on Monday, what better excuse is there to take control of your KiwiSaver account? Many readers will have stashed tens of thousands of dollars by now, which will have accumulated fairly painlessly - money taken out before you see it is always the easiest to part with.

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KiwiSaver: Willing and able to contribute from overseas

26 Oct 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - Can I still contribute towards KiwiSaver and send money into my KiwiSaver account if I move overseas?


Kiwis face financial insecurity

12 Oct 14 - - Only one third of New Zealanders feel financially secure, with one in five struggling to make ends meet, according to a new survey.

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Bernard Hickey: Prepare to pin on your nappies

26 Oct 14 - NZ Herald - Adult nappies will outsell baby nappies in Japan within the next few years. And that's a stark warning for New Zealand, says David Bloom, an economics and demography professor at Harvard University's School of Public Health.


Visiting Harvard Professor Bloom urges NZ to raise retirement age

19 Oct 14 - NBR - New Zealand needs to lift its retirement age and take advantage of an adaptable workforce before it gets too late, according to a visiting Harvard University professor.

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