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Low-cost guarantees will protect KiwiSavers from economic downturns and help deliver huge retirement nest egg rises

21 Jul 14 - FSC Media Release - New research undertaken by Infometrics for the Financial Services Council (FSC) has shown capital guarantees on KiwiSaver balances are a much better deal for KiwiSavers than defaulting them into conservative funds as is the current policy.

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Labour Party - KiwiSaver innovations needed to build wealth

21 Jul 14 - Labour Party Media Release - The innovative changes to KiwiSaver suggested by the Financial Services Council today will be seriously considered by Labour as part of plans to make KiwiSaver universal, Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker says.
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Consumers complacent about insurance

20 Jul 14 - - People aren't shopping around enough for their house, contents and car insurance - Chris Curtin, chief executive of AA Insurance is pretty clear with that message.
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Kiwisaver: Can you buy first home in Australia?

15 Jul 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - Savings scheme provider can explain requirements if you want to withdraw funds for first home across the Tasman. Ringfencing' provisions mean there are complicating factors around moving superannuation savings between New Zealand and Australia.


Mary Holm: Bank link raises thorny Kiwisaver questions

12 Jul 14 - NZ Herald - Account provider can’t use KiwiSaver funds to settle debts without permission, but there could be exceptions.

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KiwiSaver: House hunting? Pays to tell your provider

13 Jul 14 - NZ Herald - Helen Twose - Three years in KiwiSaver is the magic number when it comes to qualifying to withdraw funds for first-home.


Half of young workers already saving to retire - bank survey

3 Jul 14 - NZ Herald - Tamsyn Parker - More than half of young Kiwi workers are already saving for their retirement, according to a survey by the ANZ.

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How can I get a better grasp of KiwiSaver?

20 Jul 14 - - Not all of us are great extracting our information from printed material. This can make life hard, particularly when the task is grasping both the big picture, and the finer points of KiwiSaver.


Keeping up with KiwiSaver - a passive default review

9 Jul 14 - NZ Herald - As detailed last week the ANZ Default KiwiSaver (formerly known as OnePath) has been rebuilt to new specifications. Like ANZ, the other four incumbent default KiwiSaver providers have also been tweaking their products in readiness for the July launch.

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