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Great Debate on KiwiSaver and the Future of Retirement Income Policy

2 Sep 14 - On 26th of August, The Financial Services Council (FSC) is invited FSC Members and colleagues, the media and representatives from kindred organisations to attend a breakfast debate on KiwiSaver and the Future of Retirement Income Policy at the Pullman Hotel, Waterloo Quadrant, in Auckland.

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End ‘stealth taxes’ on savings

14 Aug 14 - NBR - Most people do not realise they are being overtaxed on their long- term savings through “stealth taxes” and politicians have little incentive to change that situation. The Fair Tax for Savers campaign aims to lift the covers off this.
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Op-Ed Response Michael Littlewood’s once again wrong assumptions lead to wrong conclusions

21 Aug 14 - Peter Neilson, Convenor, Fair Tax for Savers Campaign | CEO, Financial Services Council (FSC).

Michael Littlewood has suggested that the Fair Tax for Savers Campaign proposals are unfair for everyone except the savings industry (Click here to view - Michael Littlewood: Fair tax for savers? Unfair for everyone else).  This is based on several assumptions:
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KiwiSaver fee-saving idea criticised

13 Sep 14 - ODT - Public option for KiwiSaver to reduce fees would not save KiwiSavers tens of thousands of dollars as claimed by the Green Party, Dunedin-based financial consultant Peter Smith says.


KiwiSavers slowly embracing risk

7 Sep 14 - - KiwiSavers are slowly dialling up the risk on their KiwiSaver accounts.

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What parties will be putting in your pocket

14 Sep 14 - NZ Herald - Diana Clement - Do you vote on your back pocket? A good chunk of the country does. What matters to them financially, rather than socially or environmentally, results in what gets the tick at the ballot box.


Should you set and forget your KiwiSaver

7 Sep 14 - - Investing in KiwiSaver is a journey that can last 40 years for many people. Some managers aim to make it simple, with "life stages" programmes.

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Plenty to ponder in Labour's plans

14 Sep 14 - New Zealand - Mary Holm -I have tried in vain to get some information on Labour's proposed KiwiSaver variable savings rate.


Mary Holm: KiwiSaver here to stay, in some form

8 Sep 14 - NZ Herald - Mary Holm - Party proposals include Super at 60 for some, raising the starting age to 67, and making KiwiSaver compulsory.

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The Financial Services Council (FSC) represents investment and life insurance companies in New Zealand. It has 21 investment and life insurance members and 18 associate members. 

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