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Where's the logic in KiwiSaver fees

20 Aug 16 -

It's KiwiSaver fee bonanza time for banks. KiwiSaver scheme financial statements to the end of March show profits are up.


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How Auckland house flipping can be used to rort the RBNZ restrictions on high LVR mortgages

23 Aug 16 - Flipping - buying a house and reselling it quickly for a profit - has become a favourite pastime for some Auckland property buyers.
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KiwiSaver fees become point of contention for providers, academics

20 Aug 16 - KiwiSaver providers are hitting back at increased scrutiny of the fees they charge their members.
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Clients interests: first, best or last

21 Aug 16 - Imagine you’re seeing your doctor or lawyer and they tell you “just so we are clear, my duty is to put your interests first… but I won’t necessarily be acting in your best interests.”  How would you feel? Comforted and relieved?  Or surprised and confused?


Diane Maxwell on making NZ Super sustainable

19 Aug 16 - The Retirement Commissioner warns New Zealand Superannuation isn’t sustainable in its current form, so we need to prepare for change. Diane Maxwell says it’s inevitable the period of time you need to have lived in New Zealand to receive Super, as well as the age of eligibility, will need to be pushed out.  

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Call for KiwiSaver to follow Super Fund on ethical investing

24 Aug 16 - New Zealand's newest KiwiSaver provider is calling on the rest of the industry to adopt standard responsible investing protocols.


Mark Lister: The ethical investment dilemma

21 Aug 16 - When it comes to investing, financial factors have traditionally dominated decision making. These days' investors increasingly want to meet ethical hurdles as well as generate returns, but sometimes it's easier said than done.

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Be part of Money Week. List your event with $

19 Aug 16 - With just two weeks to go until Money Week, The Commission for Financial Capability is calling for partners to list events related to money and planning for the future.  


KiwiSaver fees rising, but savers becoming more active, Canstar finds

17 Aug 16 - Fees and performance were the two main drivers of returns for KiwiSavers.Depending on the type of KiwiSaver  fund you invest in, fees can range from $55.84 to $240.03. 

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