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Retirees need more advice: Report

12 Apr 15 - Good Returns - Retirees are not getting enough information about how to make their income last, the body that represents Australia’s superannuation funds says.

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Benefits, student allowances, superannuation revamp kicks in

5 Apr 15 - NZ Herald - Larger subsidies for first-home buyers and extended paid parental leave are among a raft of Government changes which kicked in Wednesday. April 1 the implementation date for adjustments to benefits, student allowances, superannuation and also some new policies, including National's HomeStart programme.
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Weak US payroll growth gives the NZD a spurt

6 Apr 15 - - The New Zealand dollar took a run at technical parity with the Australian dollar in New York earlier this morning, but failed to quite make it.
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Early errors can teach valuable financial lessons

12 Apr 15 - NZ Herald - Money gurus share mishaps from their youth for you to learn from.


Brent Sheather: Kiwisaver - Commission issues

6 Apr 15 - NZ Herald - Since I started work in this industry back in 1984 retail investors have been regularly subject to investment disasters. Thankfully I wasn't involved in all of them. Portfolios have endured the various Fay Richwhite sponsored tax deductible partnerships which ended badly, the 1987 sharemarket crash, the unlisted property trust meltdown, junk bonds backed by Metropolis Hotel and Fortex amongst others, finance company debentures (of course), CDO backed bonds, Feltex etc etc.

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KiwiSaver: Women at home can still contribute

12 Apr 15 - NZ Herald - Break from work for family reasons usually means a KiwiSaver pause but voluntary payments a good idea.


Should KiwiSavers be allowed their lump sums?

12 Apr 15 - Good Returns - Australian moves to limit retirees’ ability to withdraw their superannuation savings as a lump sum have prompted mixed reactions from New Zealand KiwiSaver providers.

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Superannuation for the young

12 Apr 15 - NZ Herald  - Nothing makes a young person's eyes glaze over faster than the words 'superannuation' or 'retirement'. Trust me, I have spoken to countless young people - and by young I mean under 35 - and I've yet to meet one who gets excited about what happens when they turn 65.


Finding the right KiwiSaver fund for you

12 Apr 15 - - "Am I in the right KiwiSaver fund?"

It's a deceptively simple-looking question many seem to be answering wrongly.


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