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Stop tinkering with KiwiSaver - provider

24 May 15 - Radio New Zealand - A KiwiSaver provider is urging the Government to stop tinkering with the savings scheme, warning people will lose trust in the system.

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Axing KiwiSaver bonus removes incentive to sign kids up: economist

24 May 15 - - One of the country's top economists says he would not have signed his children up to KiwiSaver without the $1000 kick start which the Government has suddenly ditched.
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Choose some fighting funds

24 May 15 - - A PhD thesis is not my usual bed-time reading. However, Dr Annie Zhang's research is about as close as these things ever get to a page-turner. Following a Sunday Business article into her Kiwisaver findings, I discovered Zhang's study is a mine of interesting information on financial behaviour. Best of all, this is a tale set entirely in New Zealand.
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The devil is in the detail

24 May 15 - - Terry Baucher finds a few surprises in Budget 2015 around Working For Families Tax credits, KiwiSaver and a brand new levy on tourists.


Profile: Don Trapnell - Maximum risk

10 May 15 - Financial Observer - Synchron director Don Trapnell arrived for our interview flanked by a public relations entourage. The interview was arranged for a number of reasons.

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NZ can afford the future cost of superannuation English

24 May 15 - NBR - Anti-poverty campaigners like Jonathan Boston and the Children’s Commissioner use “a set of measures which you’ll never be able to satisfy," Finance Minister Bill English told TV One’s Q+A programme


Labor's $14b superannuation hit to well-off

18 May 15 - Australia Financial Review - The well-off would lose $14 billion in superannuation tax concessions over the next decade under a new Labor policy that it says is needed to keep the system sustainable and restore equity.

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Axing KiwiSaver Kick Start Payment a Terrible Signal

24 May 15 - FSC Media Statement - Financial Services Council (FSC) reaction to dropping KiwiSaver $1000 kick-start incentive
This is a terrible signal for younger New Zealanders starting out saving for the first home and a comfortable retirement using KiwiSaver against the background of an aging population.


Law needs to relax on kids' KiwiSaver

10 May 15 - NZ Herald - Rules can mean it’s easier for single-parent child to get passport or medical care than to join savings scheme.

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